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Empower. Innovate. Transform.

Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services, a division of Moody’s Analytics, is a leading provider of high-value research, analytics and business intelligence to the financial services sector. The company supports over 200 financial institutions and consulting companies through a team of over 2,600 subject matter experts who work as an extension of the clients’ teams based out of various global delivery centres.

We EMPOWER our clients to drive revenues higher. We INNOVATE using our proprietary technology and automation solutions. We enable our clients to TRANSFORM their operating model and cost base.

  • Over the past decade, we have saved over $ 3 Billion for our clients

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      Support in 20 languages

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Why Moody's Analytics Knowledge Services

Robert King, Executive Director and Global Head,

On his vision for Moody's Analytics Knowledge Services

Impact Stories

Our clients include leading financial institutions, asset managers, Fortune 100 corporations, mid-tier companies and boutique investment banks

Read what we have been up to recently

  • Asset and Private Wealth Managers
    Data Analytics for Global Top 5 Hedge Fund

    What we are proud of


    in savings


    hours of data management

    Read more about how we helped them
    How can we help asset and private wealth managers

    We combine in-depth capital markets expertise with strong research domain to present integrated solutions across asset classes and functions for asset managers, helping to improve investment performance, enhance client servicing, attract new client assets, and retain assets in the existing complex business environment, in addition to saving costs.

    See our services for Asset and Private Wealth Managers
  • Brokerages and Trading Firms
    Derivative Structuring for a Europe Based Investment Bank

    What we are proud of


    in annualized cost savings


    increase in annual bespoke hedging pitches

    Read more about how we helped them
    How can we help brokerages and trading firms

    Brokerages and trading firms partner with Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services to reduce cost per research output, increase operational flexibility, and improve productivity. We help to increase senior analysts’ bandwidth. By having Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services take on 30 – 75% of their coverage initiation and maintenance-related process, in-house teams are able to spend more time with clients, generate additional new ideas, and expand coverage at a faster pace than their competitors

    See our services for Brokerages and Trading Firms
  • Commercial Banks
    US-based Commercial Bank

    What we are proud of


    in savings


    more client facing time

    Read more about how we helped them
    How can we help commercial banks

    Our suite of solutions are designed to make material difference to banks’ abilities to originate and underwrite loans while remaining within their risk management framework. Through strategic partnerships, we help commercial banks generate operational efficiencies, support in driving revenue growth and effectively manage credit risk.

    See our services for Commercial Banks
  • Consulting and Corporate Firms
    Marketing Mix Modeling for a US-based Consumer Durables Firm

    What we are proud of


    increase in net sales opportunities


    improvement in incremental sales

    Read more about how we helped them
    How can we help consulting and corporate firms

    We design our offerings to provide support across multiple corporate divisions and help them manage change, capitalize on opportunities, improve operational efficiency, optimize costs, and increase agility and responsiveness in today’s ever-changing global business environment.

    We also help consulting and professional services firms to conduct proprietary and specialized research to answer questions that demonstrate the strategy element, critical problems, and conundrums faced by corporate clients for sustainable business.

    See our services for Consulting and Corporate Firms
  • Corporate and Investment Banks
    IB Analytics for a Europe Based Investment Bank

    What we are proud of


    in cost savings since 2003


    reduction in turnaround time for standard pitch books through automation

    Read more about how we helped them
    How can we help corporate and investment banks

    We combine analytical rigor with process expertise, helping corporate and investment banks improve operational efficiency and grow revenue. We have over a dozen years of experience partnering with our clients to implement customized front-office solutions by leveraging industry best practices, technology automation and our global pool of subject matter experts.

    See our services for Corporate and Investment Banks
  • Market Research Firms
    Data Processing Support for a Telecom Firm’s Global Expansion

    What we are proud of


    increase in revenue


    increase in mobile customers

    Read more about how we helped them
    How can we help market research firms

    Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services is a global one-stop shop for solutions on all major activities of market research services, offering a combination of latest technology, optimum execution techniques, robust quality, and extensive experience. We provide market research services across various industry verticals and have a scalable resource pool of domain experts.

    See our services for Market Research Firms
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms
    Co-investment Monitoring for a Global PE FoF Firm Headquartered in the US

    What we are proud of

    5+ years

    of partnership


    in cost savings

    Read more about how we helped them
    How can we help private equity and venture capital firms

    We provide private equity/venture capital (PE/VC) firms the much-needed flexibility to manage highly volatile workflow on either a retainer or a project-specific basis. We work as an extended arm of our clients, and ensure that all regular and critical functions of the funds, such as opportunity screening, due diligence, periodic reporting, business development, portfolio monitoring, and whitepapers, are carried out irrespective of any spikes in investment activity.

    See our services for Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms

Our domain experts frequently write about industry trends, the impact of regulatory changes and their opinions on various industry inflection points

Browse our Latest Thinking

4 Reasons IRR is the Most Preferred Metric for Measuring PE Performance

Private equity (PE) is one of the fastest growing and largest investment asset classes in the ....Read More

Why European Banks’ Profitability is Low

Concerns remain about why European banks’ profitability is lower than global peers’. Low b....Read More

Digital Disruption in Commercial Lending

Global Commercial Lending is in the midst of a renaissance with the emergence of an enhanced e....Read More

Free Zones Evolution: From space only to end-to-end venture support / The changing face of free zones: Shift from a ‘real estate only’ perspective

Free zones (FZs) have traditionally been designated areas that offer businesses a host....Read More

India Budget 2018-2019: Stuck between a rock and a hard place

India’s Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, had a tough job of presenting the government’s bud....Read More

Mitigating Private Equity Regulatory Risks – Navigating the Cost Conundrum

Akin to any financial crisis, the 2008 global financial meltdown led to reshaping the financia....Read More

Privatization: Key driver for MENA IPOs

Privatizations of state-owned and managed enterprises are typically driven by a need f....Read More

Corporate Access – How Global Asset Managers are Leveraging Offshore Bilingual Analysts in China

In the wake of China’s stabilizing growth and easing regulations, several asset managers are....Read More

Investment Research – Creating On-the-ground Presence in Emerging Markets

Emerging markets present a sizable opportunity to global investors to create alpha. According ....Read More

Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines – Key Trends and Developments

....Read More

ECB’s New Look at Leveraged Lending Transactions

The new norm of low interest rates in Europe has paved the way for a strong recovery in levera....Read More

A/B Testing to Personalization – Migrating with Efficiency

A/B testing has been around since Google first started using it almost 18 years ago. However, ....Read More

A Shifting Paradigm in Global Banking

Global banking is witnessing events and undergoing rapid transformation that are redefining it....Read More

European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) – Making sweeping changes in post-trade settlement

Overview European Market Infrastructure Regulat....Read More

EMIR,European Commission,OTC Derivatives,Post-trade Settlement,Risk Management

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Time to review and act

Overview The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) i....Read More

Data Controllers,Data Mapping,Data Privacy Impact Assessment,Data Protection Directive,Data Protection Officer,GDPR

Paradigm Shift in PE Portfolio Monitoring Process

Portfolio monitoring is an extremely critical task for general partners (GPs) during ....Read More

Therapeutic cancer vaccines – The way forward?

....Read More

Private Equity Buyouts Strategic Partnerships to Optimize on Risk/Effort Trade-offs

....Read More

The credit offtake conundrum – tepid demand or credit tightening?

After the global financial crisis, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) maintained low interest rates ....Read More

Exploiting better access to China’s lucrative local bonds through ground support

Regulations thus far have acted as a barri....Read More

Creating Competitive Advantage for sell-side firms with Automation

Financial pressures on sell-side firms are on the increase—whether it is the ongoing debate ....Read More

Green bonds: Is the climate really greener on the other side?

Climate change, as highlighted in the previous part, is one of the major challenges facing man....Read More

Emergence of green bonds as a new product category for ESG investors

Climate change is the biggest challenge of the 21st century. Climate scientists believe that l....Read More

Floating Offshore Wind Farms Set to Drive Renewable Energy Growth

Wind, a renewable energy resource, is one of the fastest growing sources of electricity gener....Read More

Digitizing the Value Chain: Rethinking Crucial for CPG Companies, Retailers

As customers increasingly shop online, both CPG and traditional retail companies are scramblin....Read More

Leveraging Research Content to Drive Private Wealth in Asia

In recent years, global private wealth has seen a steady rise, supported by growth in existing....Read More

Banking Ordinance – Final Resort to Resolving NPA Problem?

On May 5, 2017, the President of India signed the non-performing asset (NPA) ordinance to tac....Read More

Key findings from the 2017 global annual survey of asset management investment teams

Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services conducted a global survey to understand how best-in-cla....Read More

Game-changing Digitalization Ups the Ante for Pharma Innovation

The 15th annual eyeforpharma conference held in Barcelona, being one of the largest commercial pharma summits ....Read More

Exchange Traded Funds – Anchor for Market Liquidity

ETFs are traded in the market and its prices are dependent on a lot of variables. While popularity and interes....Read More

ETF,Exchange Traded Funds

Insights from The Summit for Asset Management (TSAM)

The Summit for Asset Management (TSAM) recently held in New York brought together a diverse gr....Read More

Exchange Traded Products – A Natural Counterparty (Part 2)

How does an investor arrive at the true cost of an ETF? An investor’s priority is always to buy a relatively....Read More

ETF,Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Products – A Natural Counterparty (Part 1)

A new instrument that caught the world’s attention 20 years back is continuing to gain popularity. Exchange ....Read More

ETF,Exchange Traded Funds

Data Integrity Check – The Backbone of Meaningful Research

Data is the foundation of all minor and major decisions and the actions based on them. It is t....Read More

Data Check,Data Integrity

Transforming the Commercial Lending Credit Function

This e-book highlights five critical steps to ensure a flawless execution and it also provides a high level ov....Read More

Creating on-the-ground equity research capabilities in China

On June 21, 2017, MSCI announced it would include 222 mainland China-listed stocks (A shares) ....Read More

EVT-based Approach for Implementing FRTB Guidelines on ES

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) has proposed to replace value at risk (VaR) with expected sh....Read More

Game-changing Digitalization Ups the Ante for Pharma Innovation – Part 2

In the previous edition of this blog, we spoke about two interesting trends that caught our at....Read More

Data Analytics,Digital Healthcare,Eyeforpharma Barcelona,Future Trends,Market Access,Patient Centricity

Game-changing Digitalization Ups the Ante for Pharma Innovation – Part 1

The Corporates and Consulting team at Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services rubbed shoulders ....Read More

Eyeforpharma Barcelona,Future Trends,Healthcare,Pharma

Front Office Outsourcing – Implementation Best Practices for Corporate and Investment Banks

This whitepaper is recommended for decision makers at Corporate and Investment Banks (CIBs) who are looking to....Read More

Achieving Strategic Transformation from High-end Outsourcing

The mechanics of high-end outsourcing, in terms of ‘how to think about it’ and ‘how to execute’, are l....Read More

Finance Modeling

Global Annual Survey of Asset Management Investment Teams 2017

Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services conducted a global survey to understand how best-in-class asset manager....Read More

Consultant Database Maintenance: In Search of an Out-of-the-box Solution

Today, third-party consultant databases form a powerful marketing tool for asset managers acr....Read More

Asset Managers,Consultant Database Updates,Data Management,EDGE

ETFs – Accelerating Towards New Highs

The popularity of one financial product has been growing rapidly and appears unstoppable – E....Read More

ETFs,Exchange Traded Funds

5 Key Insights from the 6th Annual Banking Risk and Regulation Summit

With a plethora of regulatory requirements for credit, market and operational risk driving sig....Read More

Downfall of Brick and Mortar Retail – Is It All Online Driven?

A lot has been written about how the growth of online retailers had led to the downfall of tra....Read More

Brick and Mortar Retail,Private Equity Firms

IOT in Retail: Changing the face of brick and mortar retailers

In the wake of eroding margins and reducing footfalls, offline retailers are seeking ways to c....Read More

Internet of Things,IOT in Retail

Quality of Earnings Review – Identifying the Fat Tail

Failing to review the quality of earnings of your underlying investments is similar to investing in derivative....Read More

Implementing a Successful Offshoring Program for Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms

Fund managers at Private Equity and Venture Capital firms are facing combined pressure of hi....Read More

Leadership Summit

Challenges in Model Risk Management

Financial firms rely on quantitative models for a broad range of business decisions. In recent years, banks ha....Read More

Finance Modeling

Digital Disruption in Capital Markets –Considerations

In our blog Digital Disruption in Capital Markets – The Drivers, we discussed factors that d....Read More

Forensic Analysis Webinar – “Quality of Earnings Review”

Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services recently held a web seminar on “Quality of Earnings R....Read More

Forensic Analysis,Quality of Earnings Review

Digital Disruption in Capital Markets –The Drivers

Digital has become a key aspect in today’s world, and most businesses have to transform to m....Read More

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Technology: EVs as a New Source of Power for Utilities

Electric vehicles (EVs) were introduced more than 150 years ago – the first electric car was....Read More

Electric Vehicles,Vehicle-to-Grid Technology

Managing Investment Compliance in a Changing Regulatory Environment

The usage of complex products and strategies to generate higher alpha is likely to increase as....Read More

BCBS 239 – Leveraging Infrastructure

This whitepaper is recommended for decision makers at banks complying with BCBS 239, and looking to explore ho....Read More

Finance Modeling

From Pre-Designed Surveys to Analytics-Powered Research: The New Normal

Market research as a technique to evaluate customer/consumer perception is a century-old conce....Read More

Data Mining,Machine Learning,Market Research,Survey Analytics

Mitigating Risk with Hedged ETFs

Hedging may be too costly or too complicated for some investors. To overcome these hurdles, an....Read More

Hedged ETFs,Index Services

Enabling Private Equity Firms to Ride the Co-investment Wave

Co-investment deals are turning a new leaf in private equity investing. After years of investi....Read More

Co-investment,Private Equity

Increasing Role of Centralized Database in PE Fund of Funds Space

Private Equity (PE) fund of funds plays a significant role in the PE industry. Fund of funds p....Read More

Database Management,Fund of Funds,Private Equity

Leveraging Offshoring to Scale Private Equity Practice

Private Equity (PE) offshoring is becoming increasingly popular among asset managers, as this ....Read More

Offshoring,Private Equity

Emerging Patterns in RegTech

To meet rising regulation and reporting requirements, financial institutions (FIs) are increas....Read More

The Need to Relook at Virtual Stores

In a connected economy and connected lifestyles, convenience is key. Most consumer-related tec....Read More

Virtual Reality,Virtual Stores

Changing Risk Requirement for CMBS

The 2008 subprime crisis was very damaging for the financial industry and related sectors. Wit....Read More

Build a Robust and Responsive Digital Marketing Platform

Digital marketing operations of financial service organizations are increasingly vital in toda....Read More

Asset Management,Digital Marketing,Fund Marketing Services

4 Key Insights from the Stress Testing Europe Summit

We had the pleasure of attending the Read More

Risk Management,Stress Testing

The Rise and Rise of P2P Lending

An old Chinese adage goes “the color of the cat does not matter as long as it catches mice.....Read More

Lending Market,P2P Lending

Going Driverless

Automotive companies are betting their future on driverless vehicles – the new frontier. The....Read More

Driverless Vehicles,Logistics and Transportation,Logistics and TransportationDriverless Vehicles

The Secret to a Successful Research Partnership

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) has a huge upside; both in terms of time and money; and a ....Read More

Knowledge Services,KPO,Research Partnership

Counterparty Risk: A Multifaceted Risk

Since the 2008 credit crisis, which saw the failure of large financial institutions such as Le....Read More

CCR,Counterparty Credit Risk,Credit Assessment,Risk Management

3 Key Insights into Stress Testing and what they mean for Banks

In risk management, stress testing has become a pre-requisite to regulatory reporting requirem....Read More

Risk Management Services,Stress Testing

Get Ready for Digitalized Healthcare

  Digital technologies are being adopted across the spectrum within the healthcare and p....Read More

Digital Health Applications,Digitalized Healthcare

Brexit – The Impetuous Exit!

The UK voted to leave the European Union (EU) on June 23, 2016. British Prime Minister David C....Read More

Brexit,EU Referendum

Impact of GST on Renewable Energy Sector

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) can be easily termed as the biggest tax reform in India since....Read More

GST,Renewable Energy

Rising Tide of Debt

A rising tide lifts all boats. In recent years, this maxim certainly holds true for the incred....Read More

Bond Yields,Debt Markets,Monetary Policy

The New Civil Aviation Policy: A Game Changer?

India’s aviation industry may finally wake up from its slumber and begin to realize its pote....Read More

Civil Aviation Policy,Indian Aviation Industry

Wake-up Call for Logistics Firms

E-commerce pioneers such as Amazon and Alibaba have been steadily spending on and building cap....Read More

Logistics Firms,Supply Chain Management

Regulatory Stress Testing – A Comparative Study

This document dwells on the qualitative aspects of stress testing, including the need and requirements, origin....Read More

Finance Modeling,Leadership Summit

EU-wide Stress Test Results – 2016

On July 29, 2016, the EBA announced the results of the 2016 EU-wide stress test. The exercise provides supervi....Read More

Guide to Implementing Outsourcing Strategy

Our previous e-book in this series discussed why banks chose third-party partners to tackle their credit funct....Read More

Global Banking in the Midst of Change

There have been certain watershed events in history that have had far and wide-reaching ramifi....Read More

Business Model Realignment,Investment Banking,Process Re-engineering

Brexit: A blessing in disguise for PE direct lending funds?


Brexit,Direct Lending,PE Direct Lending Funds,Private Equity

PE Secondary Investments – Opportunities and Challenges

The purchase / sale of assets in secondary markets is increasing gradually, thereby becoming i....Read More

Private Equity,Secondary Investments

Global Risk Management Survey 2016

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) along with financial regulatory bodies in the world are work....Read More

Hobitting Away at Unicorns

Unicorns are extremely rare, mythological woodland creatures, symbols of purity and grace. The....Read More

PE and VC Funds,Private Equity,Unicorns,Valuation,Venture Capital

Social Media – The Latest Buzz in the World of Corporate Communication

Corporate communication forms the backbone of every business, especially today where success o....Read More

Media Monitoring Solutions,Social Media Analytics

The next frontier for Loyalty and the “Third Place” – Part 1

“‘Third Places’ are anchors of community life, and facilitate and foste....Read More

Loyalty Analytics,Third Place

Productivity Gains through Analytics in the Era of sub-5% Unemployment

US convenience stores’ in-store direct operating expenses – driven by wages, benefits, and....Read More

Analytics,Predictive Analytics,Productivity Gains

CCAR 2016 Results and its Potential Impact on Banks

The Federal Reserve (Fed) will announce the results of its annual CCAR results for 2016 on Thu....Read More

CCAR,CCAR 2016 Results,Stress Testing

Observations from the Risk EMEA Summit

I was invited to chair a track at the recently held Risk EMEA Summit (May 24-25) in London. He....Read More

Regulatory Risk,Risk EMEA Summit,Risk Management Services

FRTB – Scaling Risk to a Specific Liquidity Horizon

The Fundamental Review of Trading Book (FRTB) has proposed liquidity horizons up to 120 days, depending on the....Read More

CRE: SLOO Survey Confirms Tighter Lending Standards to Continue

The US Fed released the results of the “Senior Loan Officer Opinion (SLOO) survey on Bank Le....Read More

Commercial Lending,Commercial Real Estate,CRE Trends,Credit Analysis,Fed Quarterly Survey,Lending Practice,Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey,SLOO Survey,Underwriting Standards

Junior banker retention: A problem that every investment bank is trying to solve

A job as an analyst/associate with an investment bank (IB) was considered a stepping stone to ....Read More

Investment Banking Analytics,Investment Banks,Offshore Talent

Effectively Managing the Cost of Market Data

Market data costs constitute an increasingly large share of the overall cost base of investmen....Read More

Investment Banks,Library Services,Market Data,Vendor Management

Leveraging Offshoring to Improve the RFP Process

This was the topic of discussion at our breakfast event held on March 2, 2016 at The Crowne Pl....Read More

Asset Managers,Buy Side,Fund Marketing Services,Offshoring,RFP Process

Leveraging Outsourcing in Credit functions

The European Banking Authority is working towards bridging this gap between Risk and Finance functions within ....Read More

Finance Modeling,Leadership Summit

Brokerage Research: Economic challenges and the way forward

Revenue and cost pressures have been strangling traditional brokerage houses since the last de....Read More

Brokerage Challenges,Brokerages,Cost of Research,Research Automation,Sell Side Research

#FinTech – New topic at the Bank’s boardroom: Adapt or Compete?

‘Cost’, ‘Regulation’, and ‘Risk’ have dominated boardroom discussions at banks sin....Read More

#FinTech,Commercial Banks

Model2Cloud Platform

Model2Cloud is an innovative platform that caters to the evolving needs of sell-side research ....Read More

Brokerages,Research Publishing,Sell Side

Can the Compliance function be run like a business?

This was the topic of discussion at our breakfast event held recently in New York. It was inte....Read More

Chief Compliance Officers,Compliance

Helping sell-side research eliminate publishing bottlenecks and deliver high-quality research

Brokerage businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to justify investment research cost....Read More

Brokerages,Research Production,Sell Side Research

Central RFP Database: A key ingredient for creating winning proposals

Asset managers today are responding to increasing volumes of requests for proposals (RFPs), as....Read More

Asset Management,New Business Development,Request For Proposals,RFP Database

Offshore Knowledge Engagements: Best Practices for Success – Part 2

In the Read More

Best Practices,Communication,Control,Human Element,Monitoring,Offshore Knowledge Platform,Transition

Offshore Knowledge Engagements: Best Practices for Success – Part 1

Over the past 12 years, global financial and corporate sector firms have trusted us as a prefe....Read More

Mandate,Offshore Knowledge Engagements,Offshore Talent,Senior-level Sponsorship,Solutioning,Whiteboarding

Fund Database Administration: Challenges for Private Equity Managers

Private equity (PE) fund managers are beginning to realize the potential of “big data”. E....Read More

Asset Management,Fund of Funds,PE Fund of Funds,Private Equity

Navigating the Challenge of Specialist Staffing Amid a Deluge of Regulatory Changes

Nearly eight years after the global financial crisis of 2008-09, financial institutions contin....Read More

Offshoring,Outsourcing,Regulatory Risk,Risk,Risk Management,Staffing

Key Benefits of a 360-degree Customer View

In today’s world, almost all organizations maintain significant amounts of customer data and....Read More

360-degree Customer View,Analytics,Customer Analytics,Value Creation

Holy Grail of Analytics: 360-degree Customer View

The 360-degree Customer View provides an integrated view of the customer across the enterprise....Read More

360-degree Customer View,Analytics,Customer Analytics

Investment Company Institute’s Conference in Washington, DC

Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services was delighted to exhibit and actively participant at th....Read More

Chief Compliance Officers,Compliance Officer Challenges,Compliance Support,Investment Company Institute

Forensic analysis – a sustainable source of Alpha for global asset managers

Seeking sustainable methods of Alpha generation, most fund managers are adopting investment st....Read More

Alpha Generation,Asset Managers,Forensic Analysis,Fund Managers

Can real-time analytics play a role in financial research?

Real-time analytics is generally not a straightforward match for financial research. Historica....Read More

Analytics,CEP,Financial Research,Technology

Creating Differentiated Investment Research Capabilities in Chinese Equities

According to the IMF, China’s nominal GDP was more than USD10trillion in 2014 (second-highes....Read More

Asset Manager,Chinese Equities,Financial Talent,Investment Research,Stock Connect

Enabling Chief Compliance Officers to “Achieve More from Less”

  The significant risk of reputational and financial losses due to lack of adequate controls....Read More

Chief Compliance Officers,Compliance,Engagement Models,Offshore Talent

Utilizing Consulting Skill Sets for Value Maximization in a PE Outsourcing Engagement

India has always been a frontrunner in the global outsourcing industry, starting with the IT ....Read More

Consulting,Outsourcing,Private Equity

Is Broker Research primarily a product or a service?

  Many a debate within research teams is triggered by this question: Are we delivering a....Read More

Brokerage Research,Value Proposition

Deploying a Database Application? Seven issues alternative Asset Management firms should consider

Alternative Asset Management firms, whether they are Private Equity Funds, Fund of Funds, or E....Read More

Alternative Asset Management Firms,Cloud-Based Platforms,Data Management,Database Application,Database Team,Private Equity Fund of Funds,Private Equity Hedge Funds,Salesforce

Change to Thrive: How Structural Changes in Fixed Income Markets are Compelling Asset Managers to Rethink their Research Strategy

In today’s fixed income markets, where decent yields are hard to find, volatility is negligi....Read More

Asset Managers,Fixed Income Research,Markets,Research Offshoring

How soft controls could help establish a successful and sustainable outsourcing partnership

Outsourcing strategies today focus increasingly on aspects of value creation that go beyond me....Read More

Client Success,Collaboration,Knowledge Outsourcing,Offshore Talent,Outsourcing Partnership,Soft Controls

Leveraging Offshore Research and Analytics, published in Moody’s Analytics Risk Perspectives: Integrated Risk Management

Increased regulatory demands and cost pressures pose challenges in implementing and sustaining....Read More

Moody's Analytics Risk Perspectives,Offshore Research and Analytics,Risk Management

Right man for the right job – Resource allocation

Finding the right analyst for the right job is never easy… We are a fir....Read More

Offshore Talent,Resource Allocation,Skill Competency Framework

Social Media Analytics – Tapping Your Brand Potential

To be in the game and dominate it, it has become imperative for organisations to harness and a....Read More

Analytics,Brand Monitoring,Business Intelligence,Customer Insights,Sentiment Analysis,Social Media Analytics,Social Media Tracking

Does your interactive report solution highlight the value of the actual analyst model?

Everybody talks about interactive reports and everyone wants to develop and implement them, bu....Read More

Interactive Reports,Research Production

Strong partnership with client teams: An impetus for successful outsourcing engagements

Service provider relationships are evolving multifold as businesses transcend boundaries and b....Read More

Client Alignment,Delivery Engagement,Offshore Talent

Sustaining idea generation initiatives beyond the initial enthusiasm

Five months ago, we embarked on an exciting journey of driving bottom-up thinking at the firm ....Read More

Change Management,EnterpriZe,Idea Generation Platform

Changing dynamics in global fixed income markets call for rigorous fundamental research

Headlines over the past few months indicate that a majority of large investment banks have rep....Read More

Fixed Income Markets,Fixed Income Trading,Fundamental Research

How our client-centric solutions enable global institutions effectively overcome business challenges

In today’s dynamic and interconnected world, where diversity is the norm, global institution....Read More

Client Centricity,Client Value

Could China’s new evolutionary local government bond issuance solve its potential financial crisis?

For the first time in nearly two decades, China is likely to allow local governments to direct....Read More

China,Credit Market,Credit Research

Factor-based Investing

For over three decades, a recurring topic among researchers and market practitioners has been cross-sectional ....Read More

Interactive, user-customisable reports – An emerging trend in investment research

Investment research plays a critical role in the capital markets sphere, providing high-qualit....Read More

Investment Research Trends

What makes our Costa Rica a great place to work

At Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services (Costa Rica centre), we take being a great place to ....Read More

Great Place to Work

The Portfolio Manager’s information gathering challenge

Every thinking portfolio manager has more questions than time to find the answers to all of th....Read More

Information Gathering Challenge,Portfolio Managers

What Quant Analysts need to learn from Sherlock Holmes

It struck me that Sherlock Holmes provides invaluable lessons to our quant analysts – workin....Read More

Quant Analysts,Sherlock Holmes

The significance of ‘on-the-ground’ presence

It is amazing how our Client engagement model varies from geography to geography, and particul....Read More

Beijing Delivery Centre,China Coverage,China Research,Engagement Models,Offshore Talent Pool

Creating excitement in the organization from the bottom up…

As with all other organizations, most initiatives for change at Moody’s Analytics Knowledge ....Read More

EnterpriZe,Idea Generation Platform

5 questions that commercial lending firms ask internally

Over the last couple of months, I spent time with senior executives at commercial lending firm....Read More

Commercial Lending,Commercial Lending Services,Operational Efficiency

Top 15 Countries for Quantitative Analytics Professionals

Our Quantitative Services group recently compiled the ratio of quantitative analytics professi....Read More

Quantitative Analytics Offshoring,Quantitative Analytics Talent,Quantitative Services

Moody’s Acquires Amba Investment Services

On 11th December 2013, Moody’s Corporation (NYSE:MCO) announced that it has acquired Amba In....Read More

Product knowledge and technology to optimize fund marketing capabilities

Since the 2008-2009 financial crisis, buy-side firms have faced serious challenges to strength....Read More

Asset Managers,Buy Side,Fund Marketing Services,Fund Marketing support,KPO,RFP Support

When valuation requires creative thinking

One of the most fascinating aspects of the investment research support we provide for global ....Read More

Investment Research Support,Valuation

Financial KPO then and now – how the landscape has evolved

Comparing today’s financial KPO environment to that of 10 years ago, some of the most notewo....Read More

Financial Services,Knowledge Process Outsourcing

The evolution of investment research offshoring

We probably predicted the background music correctly: unrelenting cost pressures would eventua....Read More

Investment Research Offshoring

Sell side research: Challenges and Solutions

  Research managers are accustomed to being criticized by the ‘revenue generating’ d....Read More

Sell Side Research

East Asia’s fragmented investor base can benefit from specialist capital markets support

I recently completed a week of meetings in Hong Kong and Singapore, where I met with several o....Read More

Asia Research,Capital Markets,Outsourcing

Evolution of analyst training programs

Ever since the investment analysis industry was founded in the 1930s, experts have debated whe....Read More

Analyst Training Programs,Investment Analysis

Macroeconomic Challenges Facing Investment Banks in Asia

Over the past decade the global managers of investment banks have invested in building their A....Read More

Asia,Emerging Economies,Foreign Direct Investment,Investment Banks

Model-driven Data Management

Data-driven modeling has impacted both the buy side and the sell side in areas such as valuat....Read More

Data Management,Model-driven Data Management,Research Data Management

Editors need specialist knowledge to be effective ‘goalkeepers’

A head of research once described copy editors as goalkeepers; I find the analogy quite apt. ....Read More

Editorial Services,Financial Editors,Research Production

Experience seen in a new light, through a new lens!

  As Robert Frost said many years ago, “I took the road less traveled by, and that has....Read More

Delivery process,Equity Research Offshoring

The Real Economics of Research Outsourcing

Outsourcing of research support is now a mainstream activity for all major investment banks. ....Read More

Economics of Research Outsourcing

Onshore cultural changes through offshore disruption

Changing the culture of a business is easier said than done. I was reminded of the challenges....Read More

Onshore Cultural Change

IAIP Event: Financial Economics and Capital Markets

I was invited to present an overview of financial economics, global economic outlook and job ....Read More

CFA India Chapter,IAIP,Paul Alapat

The Future of Offshore Outsourcing, blog by Karl Strobl (Independent Advisor to global Financial Institutions)

Speakers at the 3rd Annual Offshoring Strategy Conference could be divided into two categorie....Read More

Annual Conference,Human Capital,Offshore Outsourcing

Panel Discussion on Data Management

I had the pleasure of moderating a panel discussion at our Annual Offshoring Strategy Conferen....Read More

Annual Conference,Big Data,Data Management

Cost reduction and accelerated growth – can these goals be aligned?

Just about. That was the broad conclusion of a panel discussion I moderat....Read More

Accelerated Growth,Annual Conference,Budgeting Process,Cost Reduction

Change: The new constant for asset managers

Changing the way an organization works is one of the most challenging assignments for any mana....Read More

Asset Management challenges,Change Management,Organizational Re-engineering

Austerity at a time of economic contraction

With Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, and Italy mired in recession, and many having contracte....Read More

Economic Contraction,Fiscal Discipline

High-end outsourcing: Where past experience influences perspective

In the past 3-4 years, a trend has emerged, with most of our new clients treating knowledge-ba....Read More

Buy-side Credit Research Survey,Knowledge Based Outsourcing,Role of Outsourced Research Support

Mutual Fund Investors: Still buying high and selling low

I recently watched a Yale University Finance lecture on YouTube, delivered by guest lecturer D....Read More

Investment Company Fact Book,Mutual Fund Investing

How about changing the ‘process’ itself?

When we begin our work for a client, replicating the latter’s existing work methods is usual....Read More

Compliance Support,Delivery process,Productivity Gains,Risk Mitigation

The Rise of the Sell-side COO

Four years back, on a trip to New York to meet prospects and clients, I had a rare meeting wit....Read More

Cost efficiency,Investance COO Survey,Onshore Adoption,Operational Structure,Sell Side COO

Inside ETFs Conference 2013: Key Takeaways

  Around 1,300 financial advisors, index providers, ETF sponsors, ETF issuers, banks, cu....Read More

ETF Adoption,ETF Opportunities,Index Services,Inside ETFs Conference,Outlook for ETFs

The cost of Success: Differentiating in a crowded ETF market

The rapid expansion of Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs) over the past decade is a testimony to the....Read More

Success with Front Office Redesign

It is that time of the year when the pundits predict the course the industry is likely to take....Read More

Business Transformation,Front Office Efficiency,Front Office Redesign,Operating Model Re-alignment,Sustainable Value Creation,Top Line Enhancement,Wall Street Talent

Thoughts about the Annual Conference in April 2013

I was recently notified of the dates of our 3rd Annual Offshoring Strategy Conference to be he....Read More

Front Office Productivity,High-end Offshoring,Onshore Adoption,Process Redesign,Research Efficiency,Solution Design

Glancing at the rear view mirror does help

  How often do we hear that the historical financial statements of companies represent t....Read More

Achieve More,Client Satisfaction,Delivery process,Due Diligence,Enhanced Idea Generation,Research Support

Balancing Act: Regulatory Cost vs. Financial Stability

Increasing regulatory cost has forced the banking industry to reevaluate its strategies. Regul....Read More

Digitizing the Value Chain: Rethinking Crucial for CPG Companies, Retailers

As customers increasingly shop online, both CPG and traditional retail companies are scramblin....Read More

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