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October 18, 2017 | Grange City Hotel | London


Empower. Innovate. Transform.

Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services, a division of Moody’s Analytics, is a leading provider of high-value research, analytics and business intelligence to the financial services sector. The company supports over 200 financial institutions and consulting companies through a team of over 2,600 subject matter experts who work as an extension of the clients’ teams based out of various global delivery centres.

We EMPOWER our clients to drive revenues higher. We INNOVATE using our proprietary technology and automation solutions. We enable our clients to TRANSFORM their operating model and cost base.

  • Over the past decade, we have saved over $ 3 Billion for our clients

    • 200+

      Financial services clients

    • 2,600+


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      Support in 20 languages

  • Analyst training program certified by the

Why Moody's Analytics Knowledge Services

Impact Stories

Our clients include leading financial institutions, asset managers, Fortune 100 corporations, mid-tier companies and boutique investment banks

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  • Asset and Private Wealth Managers
    Data Analytics for Global Top 5 Hedge Fund

    What we are proud of


    in savings


    hours of data management

    Read more about how we helped them
    How can we help asset and private wealth managers

    We combine in-depth capital markets expertise with strong research domain to present integrated solutions across asset classes and functions for asset managers, helping to improve investment performance, enhance client servicing, attract new client assets, and retain assets in the existing complex business environment, in addition to saving costs.

    See our services for Asset and Private Wealth Managers
  • Brokerages and Trading Firms
    Derivative Structuring for a Europe Based Investment Bank

    What we are proud of


    in annualized cost savings


    increase in annual bespoke hedging pitches

    Read more about how we helped them
    How can we help brokerages and trading firms

    Brokerages and trading firms partner with Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services to reduce cost per research output, increase operational flexibility, and improve productivity. We help to increase senior analysts’ bandwidth. By having Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services take on 30 – 75% of their coverage initiation and maintenance-related process, in-house teams are able to spend more time with clients, generate additional new ideas, and expand coverage at a faster pace than their competitors

    See our services for Brokerages and Trading Firms
  • Commercial Banks
    US-based Commercial Bank

    What we are proud of


    in savings


    more client facing time

    Read more about how we helped them
    How can we help commercial banks

    Our suite of solutions are designed to make material difference to banks’ abilities to originate and underwrite loans while remaining within their risk management framework. Through strategic partnerships, we help commercial banks generate operational efficiencies, support in driving revenue growth and effectively manage credit risk.

    See our services for Commercial Banks
  • Consulting and Corporate Firms
    Marketing Mix Modeling for a US-based Consumer Durables Firm

    What we are proud of


    increase in net sales opportunities


    improvement in incremental sales

    Read more about how we helped them
    How can we help consulting and corporate firms

    We design our offerings to provide support across multiple corporate divisions and help them manage change, capitalize on opportunities, improve operational efficiency, optimize costs, and increase agility and responsiveness in today’s ever-changing global business environment.

    We also help consulting and professional services firms to conduct proprietary and specialized research to answer questions that demonstrate the strategy element, critical problems, and conundrums faced by corporate clients for sustainable business.

    See our services for Consulting and Corporate Firms
  • Corporate and Investment Banks
    IB Analytics for a Europe Based Investment Bank

    What we are proud of


    in cost savings since 2003


    reduction in turnaround time for standard pitch books through automation

    Read more about how we helped them
    How can we help corporate and investment banks

    We combine analytical rigor with process expertise, helping corporate and investment banks improve operational efficiency and grow revenue. We have over a dozen years of experience partnering with our clients to implement customized front-office solutions by leveraging industry best practices, technology automation and our global pool of subject matter experts.

    See our services for Corporate and Investment Banks
  • Market Research Firms
    Data Processing Support for a Telecom Firm’s Global Expansion

    What we are proud of


    increase in revenue


    increase in mobile customers

    Read more about how we helped them
    How can we help market research firms

    Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services is a global one-stop shop for solutions on all major activities of market research services, offering a combination of latest technology, optimum execution techniques, robust quality, and extensive experience. We provide market research services across various industry verticals and have a scalable resource pool of domain experts.

    See our services for Market Research Firms
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms
    Co-investment Monitoring for a Global PE FoF Firm Headquartered in the US

    What we are proud of

    5+ years

    of partnership


    in cost savings

    Read more about how we helped them
    How can we help private equity and venture capital firms

    We provide private equity/venture capital (PE/VC) firms the much-needed flexibility to manage highly volatile workflow on either a retainer or a project-specific basis. We work as an extended arm of our clients, and ensure that all regular and critical functions of the funds, such as opportunity screening, due diligence, periodic reporting, business development, portfolio monitoring, and whitepapers, are carried out irrespective of any spikes in investment activity.

    See our services for Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms

Our domain experts frequently write about industry trends, the impact of regulatory changes and their opinions on various industry inflection points

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