Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services (MAKS) regards corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an investment in society and its future. We are committed to improving the conditions of the underprivileged, particularly children and women, using effective, innovative, and sustainable development solutions. From setting up math labs in slum schools in urban areas to caring for malnourished children in remote rural areas, our commitment to recognizing the needs and changing the lives of the less privileged is apparent in the diversity of our completed and ongoing CSR programs.


Philanthropic Grants

MAKS makes grants to various not-for-profit organizations with the aim of contributing to the welfare and development of the poor and marginalized. Some of our key focus areas are malnutrition, education, skill development, livelihoods, water, and sanitation. We also believe in investing in young children, in the hope that it can contribute to the development of human capital and the emergence of a humanistic society.

Some of our projects
ChildFund India Project

MAKS, in association with ChildFund India, aims to address acute child malnutrition in over 33 villages of Jhabua district, Madhya Pradesh, by providing critical support to over 1,000 mothers and over 2,500 children (from conception to three years of their life).

Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE) Project

MAKS is supporting CURE on WASH project ‘School-Home Linkages for Sustainable Toilet Use in Schools: Changing Hygiene Practices’. We are working with 8 schools, to improve water and sanitation infrastructure along with raising awareness on hygiene practices.

Learning Links Foundation

MAKS is supporting Learning Links Foundation for an education project, “Math-e-Magic” which is focused on promoting math education in schools of South Delhi. The project aims to enhance interest among children in studying Mathematics and making it meaningful by helping them build connection between mathematical concepts and their real world applications.

Society for All Round Development (SARD)

MAKS has partnered with Society for All Round Development (SARD) in setting up Child Resource Centers (CRCs) in 5 government primary schools of Gurgaon, Haryana with an objective to provide support to the academically weak students. The resource centers aim to improve the learning level of students in Hindi and Mathematics subjects and raise their academic capabilities to age appropriate standard.


MAKS in association with Sampark is supporting a project on ‘Health and well being of migrant construction workers’ in urban Bangalore region. Worker’s Resource Centre (WRC) is established in Bangalore through which support is provided to the workers and their children in terms of health, education and social welfare. The WRC also facilitates illiterate and unskilled migrant workers registration to the welfare board and hence avail various government social schemes.

Magic Bus India Foundation

MAKS/MSSI jointly in association with Magic Bus India are supporting the project which plans to enhance the education and holistic development of 2,000 children in Bangalore city. The project encourages education among children, both in community and in schools, with an enhanced inclusion of girls. Students are mentored by Magic Bus India mentors who work towards ensuring children get access to increased opportunities to education, employment and training.


Employee Volunteering

At MAKS, community outreach is more than just about financial support. It is also about providing our greatest asset - our people. MAKS leverages its access to resources to make valuable contributions to society and local communities. Employee involvement, which includes skills, time, money, energy, talent and leadership, is a critical aspect of MAKS’s philanthropy.

Volunteer and employee-driven initiatives
Extra Measure:

Once a year, employees across all lines of business have the opportunity to partake in a second volunteer activity. Employees are able to select personally meaningful volunteer projects from a wide array of options. Note: this program is not currently available in all markets.

Moody’s TeamUp®

This signature employee engagement program invites global business units to participate in a team-based service activity during the workday that benefits the local community. By combining community service with internal team building, our employees strengthen colleague relationships while positively impacting our nonprofit partners.

Show What You Know

Employees can share their talents and areas of expertise through capacity-building projects that benefit nonprofit organizations. They can also work directly with nonprofit clients on job-preparation exercises such as resume writing and mock interviews.


Employees active in their communities can take on a greater leadership role through Up2You. By applying to host events for nonprofit organizations, participants can rally teams of colleagues, friends and family members around causes that matter to them.


Expertise in Research

MAKS uses its expertise in financial research to analyze the charitable sector and creates reports that pinpoint organizations that are responsibly managed and have clear objectives. These reports also help potential donors identify organizations that would use their monetary aid effectively. Furthermore, MAKS’ consultancy work helps charitable groups understand their organizational strengths and improve their weaknesses

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In addition to reviewing and analyzing specific nonprofits/NGOs, MAKS also uses its expertise to evaluate charitable opportunities within various social sectors. We have made recommendations that have helped the healthcare, water and sanitation, education, giving in India, early childhood development, and women's welfare sectors by analyzing their national outlook, government and non-government initiatives, and utilization of international aid.

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CSR Policy

MAKS has developed CSR policies (applicable in India only) for its group companies in India in compliance with Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013 and the Rules notified thereafter.

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